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Kamau Njama Discovers Secrets of the Vanguard Order


Everything is falling into place for thirteen-year-old Kamau. Basketball stardom, a new job, and the adoration of his peers could all be his, except for one person that is standing in his way. It’s the one person that always stands in his way… his father Jabari Njama. Instead of letting his son enjoy one last summer before high school, Jabari snatched Kamau from everyone he knows and loves and shipped him off to a strange and abusive summer camp. Once at the camp, Kamau quickly learns that he left the ruthlessness of his father only to be tormented by several other men just like him. All he has to rely on are his own wits and a group of hapless boys that he really doesn’t like very much. Together Kamau and these boys must learn to survive a whole host of challenges from nature, from the tormentors, from each other, and even from themselves. And just when it seems that Kamau has figured out how to survive this strange camp, he and some of his new friends are hurled through space and find themselves in the middle of an alien race and fighting an alien war. To return home, Kamau and his friends will need to use every survival strategy they have learned and even some they never knew they had. Will Kamau find the wisdom and strength he needs to return home to his loved ones? (300 Pages; Dimensions 6"x9")

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